Mina Walker is a New York City based actor, artist, and musician. She was born and raised in New Orleans. Her father was a painter and her mother is a painter and a Jazz Singer. Mina learned to paint watching her father and mother paint. Some say it's in the blood. She trained at the Atlantic Acting School and the International Theater Workshop in Amsterdam through New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She has an indie folk/rock band called Daisy the Great that plays regularly around NYC. She is also a member of the improvisational voice band, Subtle Pride, where she writes, develops, and performs titillating and amusing live shows.

Mina uses physical command, sharpness of mind, emotional availability, and vulnerability to fully embody each character she plays. Whether it be a spunky Porcelain Doll with "superheroine's swagger" in a children's musical, or a recovering drug addict in a short film, she embraces character with vigor, specificity, and play. 

Mina sings because usually its easier to sing than to talk to people. 

Mina paints because it makes her immortal. 

Mina acts because it reminds her, and everyone else, that she, and everyone else, is mortal. 



photo by Justin Danforth

photo by Justin Danforth